Sara Vance
For over 20 years, Sara Vance, CEO of AdVANCE Test Prep, has prepared hundreds of students for the ACT test, SAT I test, and Math IIC subject test.

About Sara Vance

One might question why a high school English teacher would create prep materials for the math sections of the SAT I, ACT, Math IIC, as well as for the English sections. As with so many of life’s experiences, evolution was at work.

After teaching high school English for 15 years in Illinois, my family moved to San Diego, California in 1986. Our daughter was to be a freshman in high school, and in order to better understand the quality of the education she and her younger brother would receive in the public schools, I put myself on the substitute teacher list.

Because I have always loved math, I let the district know that I could sub in math as well as in English. Surprisingly, I ended up being asked to substitute in math more frequently than in English. Doing so resulted in my becoming very familiar with the math concepts that the SAT and ACT test.

At the same time I was subbing, I also became involved in the high school’s Dollars for Scholars foundation and went out into the community to raise money for scholarships for graduating seniors.

When our son went off to college in 1993, the owner of a local tutoring center that would annually give us a donation asked me to be its director. In addition to running the center, I also taught SAT and ACT prep at the center. It is here that I began to understand why so many students struggle to achieve scores that accurately reflect their true potential.

Here are a few of the reasons. First, few school districts in this country have comprehensive grammar programs, despite the fact that grammar accounts for a fourth of both the ACT and the SAT I. In addition, most districts refuse to “teach to the test”, even though they do so in preparing students for AP tests.

Secondly, after subbing in high school math classes, I began to understand that often times the way a math concept is tested in the classroom is not the way the concept is tested on the SAT or ACT.

When the students whom I was prepping would always get “stuck” at the same place, I was able to detect the disconnects and create study materials that would help them breakthrough these roadblocks.

Hence, the concept cards, SAT I / ACT Math Attack and Math IIC Concept Cards, as well as SAT I / ACT Grammar Rules!.

These test prep flashcards work: hundreds of students have found them to be a valuable resource. While technology may play a dramatic role in 21st century learning, flashcards still remain an effective tool in the education process!