AdVANCE SAT I / ACT Grammar Rules! Flashcards
AdVANCE SAT I / ACT Grammar Rules! Flashcards
AdVANCE SAT I / ACT Grammar Rules! Flashcards
AdVANCE SAT I / ACT Grammar Rules! Flashcards
AdVANCE SAT I / ACT Grammar Rules! Flashcards
AdVANCE SAT I / ACT Grammar Rules! Flashcards

AdVANCE SAT I / ACT Grammar Rules! Flashcards

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Do you want to RAISE your SAT 1 / ACT English test scores?

How would it feel to ACE the English exams?

You can make it happen by learning the concepts contained in the AdVANCE SAT I / ACT Grammar Rules! flashcards and quizzing your knowledge with the included practice questions.  Plus, you get free online support - more practice questions, worksheets to help you if you get stuck on any of the concepts and more.


Why Choose AdVANCE SAT / ACT Grammar Rules Flashcards:

  • Up-to-date essential concepts from the new redesigned tests
  • No overwhelm (74+ cards vs. competitor's 400+ cards)
  • Show you how the concepts are tested to understand the thinking process needed
  • Format breaks the concepts down into smaller pieces for greater retention
  • Free online support & 10 minute consultation call

What's Included:

  • 74+ ACT & SAT I Grammar Flashcards
  • Practice questions that test the mastery of the concepts
  • Online access to additional practice questions, concept drills and review materials
  • 5.5" x 4.25" glossy cards with a binder ring 

Suggested Study Process

  1. Look over the cards to get an idea of the scope of the grammar concepts tested. Do not take them out of order because you will be referring to the card numbers when you quiz yourself with the included practice questions.
  2. Focus on studying grammar cards #1-14, and take the corresponding quiz (located at the end of the set). Check your answers on the back, and go back to review the cards referenced in the answers for any practice questions you missed.
  3. Continue the same process for the next three groups: Grammar Cards #1-30, Grammar Cards #1-45, and finally Grammar Cards #1-75. Breaking your studying of the concepts on the cards into smaller groups will make your learning of the rules easier.
  4. Take the Grammar Card Quizzes #1 through #10, which randomly test the concepts on all the cards.

If after completing the included practice questions you wish to get additional test prep materials, send us a request for more.

You also should plan to take several real practice sections of these tests so that you also become familiar with both the format and the correct pacing necessary to complete the test in the allotted time.

The practice tests are available in test prep materials published by The College Board and by the ACT, as well as on their respective websites ( and

Good Luck !


AdVANCE SAT I / ACT Grammar Rules! Story

AdVANCE Grammar Rules! is a set of the most frequently-tested concepts on the writing sections of both the College Board’s SAT I Writing and Language section and the ACT English section.

Because most school systems do not teach a structured grammar program, students use primarily “what sounds correct” as the basis for answering these grammar questions.

Learning the rules and being able to give each rule a name (i.e. dangling modifier, parallel construction, pronoun agreement) will give students confidence, as well as increase their pacing on these sections of the SAT I and ACT test.

ISBN: 978-0-9991464-1-5


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