AdVANCE Math IIC Concept Flashcards
AdVANCE Math IIC Concept Flashcards
AdVANCE Math IIC Concept Flashcards
AdVANCE Math IIC Concept Flashcards
AdVANCE Math IIC Concept Flashcards
AdVANCE Math IIC Concept Flashcards

AdVANCE Math IIC Concept Flashcards

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Do you want to RAISE your SAT Math IIC test scores?

How would it feel to ACE the Math 2C exams?

You can make it happen by learning the concepts contained in the AdVANCE SAT I / ACT Math IIC flashcards and quizzing your knowledge with the included practice questions.  Plus, you get free online support - more practice questions, worksheets to help you if you get stuck on any of the concepts and more.

Why Choose AdVANCE SAT Math IIC Concept Flashcards:

  • Up-to-date essential formulas & concepts from the new redesigned tests
  • No overwhelm as you focus on the "must know" concepts only
  • Show you how the concepts are tested to understand the thinking process needed
  • Free online support & 10 minute consultation call

What's Included:

  • 100+ SAT Math IIC Concept Flashcards
  • Practice questions that test the mastery of the concepts
  • Online access to additional practice questions, concept drills and review materials
  • 5.5" x 4.25" glossy cards with a binder ring

Suggested Study Process

  1. Look over the cards to get a an idea of the scope of the math concepts being tested.
  2. Begin taking the quizzes (practice questions) that are included in the set. When you miss a quiz question or cannot answer the question, refer to the card # next to the answer to review the concept.

Unlike most of the math concepts on the SAT I test and the ACT test, some of the math concepts on the Math IIC test may not be part of a particular high school’s curriculum.

Therefore, you may have to learn the concept yourself. We have found that there are many internet math websites that provide excellent teaching materials. One of the most helpful is

If after completing the included practice questions you wish to get additional test prep materials, send us a request for more.

The College Board does not regularly publish its subject tests as it does the SAT I tests. Therefore, to review and to practice pacing for taking this test, you will need to use a prep book that is published by a non-College Board company. We recommend the McGraw-Hill’s SAT Subject Test: Math Level 2.

Good Luck !



AdVANCE Math IIC Concept Cards is a set of the most frequently-tested concepts on The College Board Math IIC subject test along with practice questions to test your mastery of the concepts.

Because the Math IIC test is extremely formula-driven, students must review and in many cases memorize formulas for such math concepts as arithmetic sequences, law of cosines, trig identities, etc. They also must review many math processes such as synthetic division and completing the square.

Because Sara Vance wrote these cards to prep her own SAT Math IIC students over the past 15+ years, we can state with certainty that students who know the formulas and processes on these cards will raise their scores significantly.

In addition, because so many students do not finish the test in the allotted time, mastery of the cards will increase their pacing.

ISBN:  978-0-9991464-2-2


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